Friday, August 14, 2009

Liquid Swords

So I had an entire blog all about *cringe* FEET (and my dislike for them) in the works for yall but have decided to put that on hold since being tipped by an anonymous commenter (good lookin!) about a potential plagiarism act. Lord I wish I had paid more attention when my journalism class covered this part of the curriculum, instead of playing MASH and daydreaming.

So, where do I begin 'cuz either I'm having an absolute brain shart, or have too much to say and can't organize my thoughts. Today, it's the latter.

*big exhale aaand begin*

Whether or not u agree, I like to consider myself a writer. I kept a Judy Jetson diary in middle school (that got me in a lot of trouble w/ moms btw), wrote poems for friends, penned rhymes, dabbled into spoken word, got my BA in Journalism, and absolutely LOVE writing essays. But whatever, that's nothing. What I believe justifies my title as a "writer," is the simple fact that I am able to evoke emotion to my readers in the most pure, natural, and unforced way because everything I write comes straight from the heart.

I remember before all the blog hoopla when MySpace had JUST started, I would read random quotes on people's pages, print them out, and tape them to my mirror. So that during my most difficult times I could get ready in the morning and remind myself that I am "Too blessed to be stressed," and that "When you harbor bitterness, happiness will dock elsewhere," etc. etc. A reading entitled "Balcony seats," is still one of my favorite pieces till this very day. Whenever I would read something that made me laugh, cry, or give me some sort of empowerment I would just think to myself, "God I wish I could hug whoever wrote this and thank them for it." Which is why it's so humbling to receive all these wonderful comments from everybody. It's almost weird in a sense, because the only reason I can say all of these things is because I've experienced most of them. I am not better than anyone else - WE ARE ALL THE SAME. I've made sooo many fucked up decisions in my life - TRUST. But luckily, they make for great writing lol.


Oh yah, it has come to my attention that someone has jacked one of my blogs and altered a few words here and there in an attempt to make it their own. I understand that many people share the same thoughts, and one persons words may inspire another to write some of their own. People reblog my shit all the time, it's flattering I'm not gonna lie. I reblog other people's work as well. No biggie. BUT I ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO GIVE CREDIT WHEN IT'S DUE.

I don't want to talk shit (for once lmao) and I urge u not to either (*ahem* marys) because that would give this person even more undeserved credit, and maybe just maybe it was unintentional or not even a big deal to them. But lemme just say for lack of better words - "Shit ain't cool."
As a writer, I spill my soul to the world and invest my thoughts in every pen - er - key stroke, so I could never steal someone's shit and pass it off as mine. Definitely not intentionally at least. Even if nobody else knew I would know, and it just wouldn't feel the same. I wouldn't be able to read some of these comments and feel that genuine "giddy" feeling inside.

So please just know that real will always recognize real. And I'm glad yall have recognized this blog. It's like my baby, who would've never been born had my Hayati not bullied my lazy ass into creating. And seriously folks excuse me for sounding like a cheeseball best believe that just as much as yall say I inspire you, YOU inspire me more.


Anonymous said...

so i know that *ahem marys* was geared towards me, but flat out, ima ignore you.

cuz forreal. WHAT THE FUCK?! im thisclose to posting her link here but u wont approve this comment

*sigh* u and vampire ref should be bff's after this one.

Kweenie Weenie said...

I wanna know who dids! Link me!! Lol

gailey said...

HAHAHA... i know the *ahem marys* was geared towards to me too!! Rach and I would've put her on BLAST foreal! HAHA

ps. just update... that beezy that straight plagiarized your shit... she deleted her post (maybe cuz she read this). HAHAAA