Friday, April 3, 2009

Say Hello, to the Bad Guy

It's no secret Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars. Between double standards, the definition of "love," and remembering to put the toilet seat back down (or up), there is an abundance of things men and women don't see eye to eye on. Perhaps one of the most misunderstood assumptions men have about women, is that we only like assholes.

Matter fact, if I hear another one of my jaded male friends tell me that the girl who broke their heart, "only goes for assholes," I may have to rip 'em a vagina.

Sorry sweety, but the truth is: They just didn't go for YOU.

Most men have the strangest presumption that women like "assholes" based on their track record. Because they're still in love with their last boyfriend who either cheated on them, beat them, lied to them, or enacted some other sort of horrific betrayal upon them. Now, I know it may seem hard to believe, but I PROMISE you when I say that cheating, beating, and lying are not relationship requirements to us.

Usually, we are fooled by a man dressed in tinfoil who pretended to be a knight in shining armor.But by the time we uncover the truth it's too late - we're already in love, caught up, or too involved. And then sometimes we're attracted to men we know aren't good for us because we simply hope we're wrong. Whatever the reason be, it's definitely NOT because we want an asshole.

What we DO WANT however, is someone who will let us walk WITH them and not walk all over them. Someone who will allow us to be the strong women we are but still put us in our place when need be. Someone who would do anything in the world for us but WON'T, just so we stay appreciative. Someone who is nice but NOT a pushover. Someone who can be jealous at times, but never insecure. Someone who is a man's man but let's us put makeup on him when we're bored and in need of a good laugh. Someone who lays all their cards on the table BUT plays them well. Someone who has his own agenda, own routine, own dreams, own friends, own priorities, and own life - but is willing to share NOT give them to us.

So the next time you THINK a female doesn't like u because u were too nice to her, don't go slappin the broad around in a lame attempt to be an "asshole." 'Cuz the only thing worse than someone not liking you for the person you are, is a person hating you for the person you pretended (Thnx Rach) to be.


Anonymous said...

aint this the fuckin truth!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YESSSSSS - thank god i've been with way too many WRONG men to find the RIGHT man... i should show him your post and tell him - "hey, abi is writing about you... thanks for letting me love edward more than you."


I am the Supreme Bitch said...

Hahahaha That was fuckin' great & on point.

Anonymous said...

btw, i love how u used the word PRETENDENDED. hahahaha. HAHAHAHAHA.

DJ CMC said...

wow that clears up alot of shit up! humm u shoulda dropped this knowledge on me earlier in life....coulda saved a whole lotta heart break!!!

The12thLetter said...

mama, you couldn't have said it any better.