Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Foodgasm of the Day - Coco's Crawfish

My roommate told me about this place less than a month ago and I've been there 4 times since. Not so much because the food is great (Although it is good), but mostly because we really don't have anything else like this in San Francisco - what more the Set.

Located on 25th and Irving, Coco's Crawfish has a simple interior that reminds me once again, of an Asian Gang front where they throw illegal gambling tourneys upstairs.

The shrimp is $11.99/pound and the crawfish is $12.99/pound so it can get pretty expensive depending on how much u eat. Both are served in a plastic bag of spicy yet sweet garlic buttery goodness. Whether it's a cajun sauce as advertised, I'm not sure, but it's still really good and it's what makes the corn and sausage (.60 cents a piece) "drips down ur chin" delicious.

If ur a crawifh fan like my bf who sucks on that head like a gay man u'll probably like it - but I don't. It's just way too much work for someone who doesn't have any patience. So I thought I found my savior when I tried the shrimp, until I ordered it once and it tasted pasty. All hope was almost lost UNTIL I tried the crab ($13.99/pound?) which was served fresh out the aquarium lol. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. It was some of the best crab I've EVER tasted. In addition to it being meaty, the meat itself was so flavorful - I didn't even have to dip it in anything. It definitely saved the day.

Overall, I'd still suggest the spot to a friend. The vibe is chill and fun! U get to wear a bib, eat with ur hands, and get dirrrty. It's definitely not for the prissy. I am not a crawfish connosoir so unless u have another place u can compare this spot to, it should suffice ur shellfish craving. And if ur not a seafood fan, the pretty waitresses provide a good amount of eye-candy.

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