Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend in Pictures

My weekend consisted of babies, food, and sunshine.

TGIF, I just couldn't wait.

I'm an aunt, again.Eat. Pray. Drunk.
Walk of shame outfits are the BEST.

Crawfish beignet w/ scallions, cayenne, and cheddarThe Beignet Flight
Top to Bottom: Crawfish, apple, chocolate, and plain
Gulf shrimp and Goat cheese omellete w/
caramalized onions and bacon relish and cheddar gritz FML. Playing catch-up with the homie over watermelon iced-tea at Brenda's.

Hope everyone had a good one!


eL said...

fuuuck brenda's is hella good.

Kay said...

is that the new hellz watch? i waaaant! :)

Mouf.Peace said...

@eL totally getting the catfish benedict next time!

@kay yes it issss! they're still on sale on the hellz site i believe!

denise said...

i have those shoes you were wearing in your "walk of shame" picture, but OMG! i wore them only once trying to break them in, but they broke into ME. so much pain, and blisters... did that happen to you too? or are my feet the messed up ones?

Mouf.Peace said...

denise - they're not the most comfortable shoes, esp for being flats lol. they don't give em blisters but they hurt below my big toe. such a waste of a cute shoe!