Thursday, September 9, 2010

Never Was A Cloudy Day ...

The very first time I went to Hawaii, I got Island Fever. For almost a month I swore I was going to quit my job and live somewhere on Kailua Beach where I could play all morning, tan all day and spear my dinners right before sunset. But let's be real over here - I like to sleep in, can't stay still long enough to tan, and would probably end up accidentally spearing my foot.

But I will always have a special place in this ice-box of mine for the Aloha State. Especially after this last trip there. And even though I dun went through some shit since my last birthday, I'm way more happy now than I was then. There are just too many inside jokes and memories from this trip that no single blog can do it justice. But here's a few pics to get you by until my brain gets (back to life) back to reality and can write a substantial post once again.

Bday/Bach dinner at Nobu's our first night.

The Aloha Choir/Army at Lanikai Ko-Olina
Island Snow-bunnies
3 Little Mermaids
So hungover, the sand made me seasick
Literally, hanging loose

To H.E.A. and back!
'Cuz it don't take a whole day to recognize sunshine ;)
Watching the sunset in Brooke's backyard.

(Sometimes I can't believe my life)

F.A.T. at Cinnamon's
Guava Chiffon Pancakes or for short, orgasm on a plate.
DIY poke bowl from Paina Cafe, just the way I like it.
Before jumping into Pele's Chairpool

(one of my fave parts of the trip!)

Living my life like its GOLDEN. For more pics, check out my Hayati's recap here!


Anonymous said...

I know a wonderful Doctor for your post-baby belly. Dr. Davis from SSF

Mouf.Peace said...

o sweetie, that "belly"? ALL BEER BABY. gotta drink a 6-pack to get that 1-pack! but damn, maybe i should return the favor by researching a good psychiatrist for your self-esteem issues 'cuz if you think I'M fat? you must be anorexic.

Se7en said...

Those Guava Chiffon Pancakes look BOMB!


(Cinnamon's Restaurant Kailua???)