Monday, September 13, 2010

Truth Hurts


Whether you're a man or woman, I'd love to hear what you all think about it.


Se7en said...

How is a single person supposed to behave?

The answer is simple... your heart will tell you/guide you.

You know my story Abi (I am going to censor myself a bit publicly though). And when I met the one who captured my heart, did I have to question how I was supposed to "behave?"

Not at all...

I simply followed my heart.

And I did not look back or "think" about it.

Now, I am moving on - and I swear I ask myself ALL of the questions that I NEVER asked myself before...

Because I did not have the knowledge [that I do now] to ask them. And so I started overanalyzing things. But instead of holding these concerns in... I was honest with her (perhaps that is maturity). Here was her response:

"Ur not 'placing anything' on me. WE =me+you (together) will figure out what WE will do. This isn't for u to decide/figure out on your own. We can talk about how we feel. So that we know how the other feels. And discuss where we want to take this.. What we see/feel/dream- why can't we decide together what WE want to do? We can do whatever WE decide - together we can accomplish way more than 2 individuals separately. I don't have the answers to any/everything. But ikno I love how you make me feel. And that's that. I'm not going to ruin it by overanalyzing. I'm not going to sabotage such an amazing beautiful thing by imagining all the ways it can't be- there's a lot to be appreciated just for what it is. Not to mention all that it could/should/shall be."

And that was the end of my concerns.

I do not know about anyone else, but when I am feeling someone, I do not play games - and I have absolutely no desire to date/see anyone else but that one person. If that is your plan going into it (seeing multiple people)... be upfront about it. Believe it or not, there are women who are fine with being the "side chick" on the guy's team. And as for men... well, young dude summed it up quite nicely - most guys (I am not one of them), do not care if a chick is seeing/dating/hitting multiple dudes because they are not interested in a relationship in the first place. All they want is to hit it too.

#realtalk - all of that other "stuff" he was speaking is simple immaturity (no disrespect to dude at all). Males and females both hold such a mentality. The majority grows out of it - and the ones who do not? The ones who do not are the 45-50 year old man (or cougar) trying to spit game to some "young tender/Jacob Black," whom everyone is secretly (or sometimes openly) laughing at. They are the one who goes home with an empty heart.

You play "that" game long enough... and eventually there is no game left to play.


Se7en said...

P.S. Dude [in the video] is a good-looking guy. I imagine he can be a player until he is 50 and probably still pull chicks if that is the path he chooses. But eventually, that "player mentality" must stop. If he does not have real cash at that age, no young respectable woman will even look his way. And the women whom do? Well, they will be the ones with the shovels spray painted in gold that you can oftentimes spot but do not care to see shining (unless of course that shimmer comes attached to a bed). I have seen it happen often. Man gets older... still has some looks (the majority of men age gracefully) - but what happens at the end of the night?

You cannot be a player forever. With age comes a sense of desire for fulfillment.

And time waits for no (wo)man.

m.t. said...

lets call this "pre-boy/girlfriend" stage the "let me see if the sex is worth putting up with you for awhile" stage. cause honestly, forget being scared, if the two people feel that its right, they'll jump into the relationship. seeing more than one person is just trying to see who gives better sex. cause lets face it, times are a changing. sex is the new love.

Yesi Jukebox said...

From what he is speaking on personally I would want a guy to be honest with me from the get-go. But telling me who he is talking to/getting know may not be my business if we just met and started getting to know each other recently. At that point I'm not sure yet that the guy is someone I want to be with because I don't know him, so why should I care or be bothered by who else he is getting to know. At the point where we decide we really like each other then neither of us should be dealing with anyone else. I don't usually date more than one person at once because I feel like it's confusing for myself and I don't want to lead anyone on. Ultimately it's about being on the same page with someone else.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a douche and no respectable woman would want to date him anyways.