Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mountain Winery

I love throwing back a beer or 5 at a sports bar and wildin the fuck out at a hip-hop concert (Hov!) but every now and then I like to act my age ... and my gender, and listen to something more soothing in a pretty 'lil dress while sippin on some Moscatto. And The Mountain Winery is the perfect place to do just this.

Located in Saratoga, California, The Mountain Winery is home to delicious food, amazing live musical performances, and of course - WINE. I checked out their upcoming concert schedule to find two of my faves performing: John Legend, and Chelsea Handler. However, I just saw Chelsea for free in Reno, and have already attended 4 John Legend concerts. And then I saw it: Tuesday, August 31st, EARTH WIND AND FUCKING FIRE.

1) A Tuesday? Really? 2) Who cares? It's Earth, Wind, and FUCKING Fire?! I'm feeling really old right now considering the majority of my readers are under 21 so for those of you wondering: Earth, Wind, and Fire is one of my absolute favorite bands of all time! And with my birthday just around the corner, this would be the BEST pre-bday send off everrrr *ahem*ahem* lol. Unfortunately, the only person I know that loves them as much as I do is moms and she's already sending me to Hawaii lol.

But for the rest of you, I definitely suggest checking this place out. For a nice getaway with the girls, or a romantic date with your Mr./Mrs. Wonderful. Lemme know how it turns out!


Yesi Jukebox said...

Girl if I were in Cali I would take you. I love Earth, Wind and Fire!

Anonymous said...

i saw Erykah Badu recently here with my man. we were rushing, so didn't have dinner, but shared a bottle of pinot noir. lovely venue, and i remember we kept saying, wow, it's nice that it's an "older" crowd cuz there are no immature idiots tryna run up on stage. and yes, my sweaty shoving concert days are over... i'm 27. and loving it. love your blog. keep on keepin it real! p.s. bring a blanket to the venue because of the high elevation... it was a summer evening and i was freezing. everyone had north face jackets or fleece blankets and i was shivering.

linh said...

i'll be seeing mr. legend this sunday there. =D

my first time at mountain winery so i'm glad to read such great reviews of the place. mos def will get a bottle of wine!

anonymous, thanks for the blanket tip!