Monday, July 19, 2010

Put a Ring on It

Actually no, don't.
'Cuz it's too hard to work with these babies on.
RIP to the other ring that came with the set on the right.
Just bought it Friday, lost it Saturday while washing my hands. Drunk. WAH.


mermaidqueen said...

where did you get those rings? love them!

Mouf.Peace said...

hi, thank u! i got the one on the left at f21 and the one on the right from h&m. and actually i just found the missing ring for that set in my purse. thought i lost it but i was just being drunk lol.

Yesi Jukebox said...

I love the ring from f21!

Mouf.Peace said...

really cheap too! just don't sweat while wearing it or get it wet lol. finger might turn green and shit.