Thursday, July 22, 2010

Goddess in a Green Dress Pt. 1


She rubbed her eyes and blinked a few times to focus her vision. It was still night outside. She quickly got up to check the heater that was at the floor of her bed. *WHEW* she thought as she exhaled a sigh of relief. TV. check. Purse. check. Over-sized teddy bear. check. Everything around her was exactly where it should be, and she didn't smell any smoke or see any flames. So wtf was beeping so loud in the middle of the night? She laid back down and realized it was her IPhone.

She checked the time before unlocking it. It was exactly 3:47am when her heart sank. A phone call and abundance of texts at this time in the middle of the week is usually a bad thing. She recited a quick prayer and hoped everyone was safe.

Text #1: Are you awake?
Text #3: I need to talk to you
Text #4: I just wanted to tell you before you found out another way

She recited another quick prayer and braced myself.

Text #5: They're having a baby

And with that, she put her phone down and went back to sleep in hopes of it being all a dream in the morning.

Pt 2 tomorrow. Same time, same place. But to hold you down 'till then check out my girl Raaachem over at What the Hellz.


Chase said...


so excited you're writing stories! i love reading Rachel's too!

Mouf.Peace said...

i know right? hers are ridiculous.

but i don't think i'll be writing them on the regular. i just felt that with this specific story, it flowed best broken up into 2 parts haha.

Michelle said...

sounds all too familiar. what's worse: finding out from a friend that your ex is having a baby with someone else or finding it out via some social networking site? either way that's some shit! especially 2 weeks after he gave you some wack ass reasons of not wanting to be with you anymore.

sorry quick venting session. haha, story of my life.