Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let the Summer Begin ...

My summer officially started last Friday w/ the Dubb fam and Sean Paul at Club Wet in San Jose. I was sweating my face off, and my hair was a nappy, damp rats nest of blonde highlights and hairspray but I had a lot of fun whinin the night away.

Me and my male pandesal model
Me and Alex

The next morning me and Kyle went on a day-trip to Lake Tahoe. I nearly punched him in the face for waking me up at 6:45am after a night of too much Hennessy and apple juice but I'm glad he did 'cuz ziplining at 55mph over Heavenly mountains shits on having a hangover at home. Unfortunately, there's no pics yet 'cuz we don't have a firewire for his handycam, but trust it was dope and surprisingly relaxing. After zip-lining, we ate lunch at Mont Bleau casino then went straight to Zephyr Cove hang out by the lake.

Keep Tahoe blue ...
...and me BROWN
My Twilight trees LOL
It was supposed to be a beautiful view,
but my camera sucks :(

The ride back home was KILLER but we made it back by midnight and had no trouble knockin the fuck out for the next day's adventures. Originally, we were supposed to attend the Gay Pride parade but my mom gave me a guilt trip for not visiting her so we spent the day loungin at her pool in Belmont. And swear it was just as hot there as it was in Tahoe.

He was being boring and didn't wanna swim anymore, wah!

"and the weather's so breezy, man why can't life always be this easy? "

(Like my bikini? Only $30 at H&M, Mickey and Minnie! I saw it 2 weeks ago but felt guilty spending money but couldn't help myself when I went again.) I swear for someone who can't swim I am such a water-baby. Now, I'm back at home trying to watch the BET awards 'cuz I'm hearin their MJ tributes were dope except tell me why BET is the only channel right now that I DON'T have volume for? WTF is that? I'm almost happy I have to leave and pick up the bf at work. Anyway, hope yall had as good of a weekend as I did!


Anonymous said...

Look at your cute ass mama,, get than tan crackkkin.! Lol.! :)

Anonymous said...

This is my 'Till the Wheels Fall Off moment.

Blessings Abi.

Anonymous said...

i like how u got a bag of chips next to u at the lake. MONEY. lmao.