Thursday, January 6, 2011

Save the Drama For the Unhappy

During my last "relationship," I found myself constantly STRESSED.THE.FUCK.OUT. Everyday, my friends would sign onto Meebo, message me, and unknowingly tune into an episode of "WTF happened now?" And when I wasn't getting my brains fucked into next week, I was losing my mind. Whenever someone would ask me how we were, my replies would usually start with, "THIS MOTHERFUCKER" or, "Girrrrrrl, let me tell you."

Our relationship was like a sick crossbreed between, Cheaters, Basketball Wives, and Waiting to Exhale. Talk about drama for your mama. Of course we had our gay moments, plenty of them actually. But they were far and between and short lived due to doubt, denial, and mistrust. Sure it was entertaining and made for great television, but it was all at my hearts expense and definitely not the biopic I wanted to tell.

And now? My answers are short and sweet. "Gay," "Good," "Awesome," "AMAZING." Not quite an action packed thriller, and nowhere near being a fairytale ending (not yet at least) BUT it's definitely a fairytale beginning and I'll take it. Because while I can see how drama can add a little spice to what might be seen as something bland, in no way does it have to be boring without it.

A while ago my homie told me that drama is necessary in order to make a relationship last. You don't even have to re-read that, because I'll write it again. A RELATIONSHIP NEEDS DRAMA IN ORDER TO LAST. Afterall, it's those volatile, "Love the Way You Lie" romances and dysfunctional relationships that keep us in love, and the best make-up sex derives from the worst arguments right? WRONG.

The novelty may seem appealing and exciting at first, but ultimately, "a bright flame burns twice as fast." Even Eminem broke up with Kim. Besides, explosive sex comes from red wine, good D, flexibility, creativity, and a mean head game. Thought you thought.

But if that's what you want, that's what you'll get. In the mean time, I'll sit back and watch your show just as soon as I'm done snorkeling in the Atlantic, eating mofongo in South Beach, poppin bottles, dressing in a 'lil school girl outfit, having insane balcony sex, and watching the sun rise with mine ... 'cuz those are just SOME of the many ways to keep a relationship UN-boring without all the dramatics.


Kay said...

Amen to this, girl! I had ex relationships just as you described. Stressed the eff out all the time. And today I am so much happier without all the drama. Have fun on your vacay!

Anonymous said...

Every girl needs has a drama breaking point and FINALLY figures this out. Glad I did, glad you did!

ashley sade said...

i believe u gotta go thru all the rough times & bullshit to be truly thankful for the "one" ull spend forever with. i mean, they dont call it happily ever after in the end for no reason, right? :)

Mouf.Peace said...

thanks ladies, i'm glad yall didn't even need to read this to know that u don't need drama in ur life to be happy. my co worker whose been married for 3 years but with her for um forever told me the other day that drama ages u and some may call him and his wifes relationship "boring" but he doesn't care because he's happy and they have a blast EVERY DAY!

i don't think u need drama to make love stronger. however, i do believe a love/relationship that is tested can do that.